Sudbury Businesses are Targeted Fraudsters Again

(Sudbury,ON) - Greater Sudbury Utilities has received several reports from local businesses today of attempted fraud, posing as a disconnection warning.

The callers say they are from either Sudbury Hydro or Hydro One (both have been anecdotally reported). The callers threaten impending disconnection if money is not paid within a short timeframe, and the targets are told to either call a toll-free number to give payment information, and in some cases have been told to bring cash and meet in a local area. The business owners contacted GSU to find out if the calls were real; they were not.

"We urge all customers to be alert for fraudulent phone calls,” said Wendy Watson, Director of Communications for Greater Sudbury Utilities. “Do not give your information out over the phone. Call the local number on your bill if you want to speak with someone about your account. Do NOT call the toll-free phone number they give you. Do not go and meet with anyone. If your account is overdue, we will communicate with you in writing, and you will have received notices that your account is overdue. We would never ask you to make a payment at any location other than our offices or your bank.”

If you have questions about your account, call Greater Sudbury Utilities directly at 705675-7536. If you are the victim of a fraud or attempted fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501.

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