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Residents of Sudbury Housing upset by decision to ban trampolines

According some tenants of Greater Sudbury housing and a petition circulating online, as of May 11th, 2016, Greater Sudbury Housing tenants has told tenants that trampolines must be taken down.

They also claim that they have be advised that while the focus is currently just trampolines, the demand will eventually also be extended to play structures.

Local resident, Beverly Rose, has spearheaded a campaign to petition Greater Sudbury Housing to reconsider it’s position on trampolines.

The petition titled “Don’t take PLAY from kids in Sudbury’s City Housing” is  available at

GSO has reached out to officials by email and is waiting for a responds.

We'll update this story with that response once it's received.

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2 comments on article "Residents of Sudbury Housing upset by decision to ban trampolines"


5/12/2016 3:56 PM

IT'S called kid or kids play on trampoline .kid or kids get hurt or killed if hurt runs crying home tells mommy or daddy ....mommy or daddy confronts trampoline owner a few not very nice words are exchanged.....the mommy or daddy of the hurt kid....proceeds with a LAW SUIT SUES THE OWNER OF THE TRAMPOLINE


5/12/2016 4:59 PM

Why would u want to take active play away from children

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