Promotional Websites

Why a promotional website on Greater Sudbury Online?

  1.  Local Targeted Audience - Greater Sudbury Online is designed around attracting a local audience and those interested in products and service from Greater Sudbury.
  2. Unrivaled Local Traffic - Everyday more and more potential customers are visiting Greater Sudbury Online to find the local news and information. Display you business prominently on the site and take advantage this traffic. We also drive  traffic to the site through the use of social media.
  3. Personalized Website Address - (example ) Your personalized address in combination with our other search engine optimization techniques will ensure you are attracting as many viewers as possible.


Web Promotion Websites

W1 - One Page Web Promo, includes up to 2 photos.
$300.00 - 1 Year Term ($170 - 6 Months, $32 Monthly)

W3 - Three Page Web Promo, includes up to 6 photos.
$600.00 - 1 Year Term ($340 - 6 Months, $64 Monthly)

W5 - Five Page Web Promo, includes up to 10 photos.
$1000.00 - 1 Year Term ($650 - 6 Month, $145 Monthly)

W7 - Five Page Web Promo, includes up to 15 photos.
$1400.00 - 1 Year Term ($900 - 6 Monthly, $190 Monthly)

If you any question or custom advertise needs, please contact us to discuss them or submit your advertising requests using our contact us form.