Welcome to Sudbury's newest online community.

Finding relevant local information just got easier with Greater Sudbury Online!

Finally the region has a dynamic website built just for the local community. This is not a "cookie cutter" portal site and not just a cluster of overwhelming links; Greater Sudbury Online combines local news, community views, current events and information about our city neatly organized in one location.

It only makes sense to target your local market first.

Greater Sudbury Online's top-level domain gives it the edge over other portal sites. We further provide this edge with great up-to-date content, social media networking and services that keep residents coming back time and time again. We know what works and what doesn't. We constantly monitor pages to make sure your ads are effective and linking text is profitably phased in order to attract the right audience.

This kind of accountability simply can't be found in any advertising medium. Do you know how many people see you Yellow Page ads daily? How many people actually hear your radio promotion? Are your advertising dollars being maximized?

Through our exhaustive research, we know that portal users are primarily looking for links to local sites, events in the community, information about community services and want to buy local products and services. You have an audience waiting for you to attract them to your website!

Check out Greater Sudbury Online and see what we have to offer the community and our sponsors. We invite you to look at our various promotional packages and become a visible part of the community.


Why Advertise with Greater Sudbury Online?

The face of advertising is changing. People are reading newspapers less and rarely pick up phone books when they’re looking for products or services. They rely on social media, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and other things like websites and mobile apps with resources to find what they are looking for.

Greater Sudbury Online offers a unique flavor news, weather, events and information. Our dynamic layout adapts between desktop computers, tablets, and smartphone to offer users the best possible content rich experience.

Social Networking 

We are harnessing the power of social media in a way few others are currently doing. Greater Sudbury Online uses a variety of social media formats to push potential customers with a wide diversity of interests to our website where they can be engaged by banners, business profiles, and other advertising opportunities.

Can’t I create my own Facebook or Twitter account?
You could, but even if you’re business Facebook or Twitter accounts have millions likes and followers, chances are unless you are engaging people with the diversity of information that Greater Sudbury Online offers, you only actually reaching a small percentage of those people.


Local News and Information

In our ever increasing fast paced lives, people rarely sit down and read their local news in the way that they once did; instead they many depend on services like Facebook, Twitter and others to provide them with quick news feed that contain highlights about what’s happening around and from there they choose with news feeds or highlights they want further information about. Our up to the minute news style and carefully written news feeds provide just enough information to engage our audience and send them flocking to our website time and time again. In addition, to up to the minute breaking news, we also offer public interest stories from local schools, groups and organizations.

Another very important aspect of the Greater Sudbury Online Community Portal is our Local Information section which contains things like the transit schedule, a directory of ALL local business and much more. This information is unique to Greater Sudbury Online and provides our audience with a complete experience.

News and Article Service

All of our Targeted Ads Packages and Enhanced Directory Listings is our News and Article Service, a service that includes regular articles, videos and updates about you businesses products, services when applicable. These items are designed to bring attention to your business while maintaining a public interest feel so as not appear to the audience as advertising.


Greater Sudbury Online offers local features such as current weather, extended and hourly forecasts and even satellite and radar imagery that rival those of other major services likes The Weather Network and AccuWeather.

Local Events Calendar

People are even further attracted to our website because we encourage all types of event submissions to our events calendar, not only those that people pay to us promote.

Audio and Video

Today’s audience wants to see clips and hear audio from events. We continue to increase this streaming component of our site to give users want they want!


Social Media Demographics

*The lighter bars represent network averages and the purple are actual Greater Sudbury Online demographics.